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Mechanical Beasts: 20 Of The World’s Best Muscle Cars

Many of us have a passion for collecting certain things. Some would collect shoes, sunglasses, song albums, and other kinds of merchandise. However, some people have the money to shift to higher gears, stomp on the gas pedal even further than others, and get the merchandise of their choice. Sometimes, that very merchandise is expensive cars.

Ever since the automobile’s invention, cars have slowly dominated the roads, eventually replacing horse carriages entirely. And with each passing year, car manufacturers learn from their previous models, while observing the ones other companies have made, and utilize their newfound knowledge to improve their newer models. As a result, most car manufacturers have established a healthy rivalry with other companies and have continually competed in making the best vehicle to enter the market. Among these vehicles include high-powered cars that can reach incredible speeds in a remarkably short time. These muscle cars, especially, have become precious collector’s items for car enthusiasts – the older the car, the more valuable it becomes. For this article, we will be showcasing twenty of the best muscle cars in automobile history — so fasten your seatbelts!

1. 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2


The 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2’s design was made back in the years when safety standards for car manufacturers still weren’t too strict — which was, to a degree, an ideal time to make muscle cars. Thanks to this relatively free work environment where manufacturers can modify a car’s specifications to their heart’s content, the Catalina, upon release, was considered the original muscle car. It became the go-to target for rival car manufacturers, and they attempted to surpass the Pontiac Catalina’s numbers with their own models. To modify the vehicles to their fullest potential, most of Pontiac’s cars were sent to the tuning shop, Royal, which provided Pontiac-approved parts for its clients. Though it wasn’t as successful as the other cars Pontiac sold at the time, the 2+2 is now a precious collector’s item for many enthusiasts.